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Paak Dang Review by Farrah Praisal If you’re visiting Chiang Mai or if you are lucky enough to live here and you find yourself looking for a new place to enjoy accessible and affordable Thai food in a warmly lit atmosphere and near the river to boot, look no further…..RestaurantPaak Dang is here! Although I have been a resident here for over a decade I am still not very adept at eating spicy food. No worries as Paak Dang offers an extensive menu and will spice your food from mild to unbelievably hot. I was joined by two Thai friends and all of us left the restaurant very satisfied. Just know that hot means hot when you’re ordering and medium hot means hot too! If you find yourself lost in the menu then just put yourself in the gentle but firm hands of the owner, WiraipornKanaron (known as Jar), and she’ll guide you towards the best dishes, complex orchestrations of tart and sweet, salt and burn. We inadvertently ended up at the restaurant on a night of mourning for HRH Princess BejaratanaRajasuda, the only child of King Rama VI. During royal mourning periods it is customary not to have live music or parties so the band that plays every night at the restaurant was given the night off. While I am told the band is excellent it nevertheless turned out not to be a bad thing as we were able to chat and get to know the affable Khun Jar. She was extremely helpful during the ordering process and I am pleased to report that the restaurant had everything stocked fresh and not a maimee was heard. We ordered a couple starters like the chicken wings (delicious at 79 baht) and the German pork hocks…the pork was perfectly cooked and also only 79 baht but for me the chili heat in the sauce was gripping and too hot too handle. We tried both a seafood stir fried in yellow curry (149 baht) and a stuffed squid with curry (119 baht) and found curries made with thinner sauce but no less flavor. They were both loved by all. The Tom Yung Goong (129 baht) got the highest praise of the night…it was awesome! Mixed vegetables (69 baht) were above average and since it was a night of mourning we all opted for delicious and beautiful fresh fruit shakes although the restaurant carries a wide range of beer and wines. The restaurant itself is a bright spot along the Ping River. The décor is tasteful and attractive. There are three levels of dining and we watched the boats go by while we dined. Paak Dang is available for private parties and offers a choice of alacarte or buffet for private functions. Restaurant Paak Dang is also open for lunch from 9 to 5 serving a delicious Ayuthaya noodle soup that is very popular. The restaurant has free parking directly opposite. It’s a welcome addition and one that I hope is here for many years to come. I’m looking forward to going back and hearing the band play.

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“Bei Paak Dang treffe ich mich gern mit meinen Freunden.”

“Freundliche Bedienung, große Getränke-Auswahl, leckeres Essen: das Paak Dang hebt sich von allem ab, was ich sonst kenne.”